In the wake of one of the most dysfunctional & divisive political campaigns in US history, the guys attempt to repair this fractured nation with their review of episode #4 of Marvel's Luke Cage; "Step In The Arena"! After 3 weeks, we finally get Luke's origin story...Well, most of it.

Then in this week's edition of "The Real Deal", Efren & Nate welcome comic creator and host of the "Dork Trek" podcast, Bob Frantz to the show. Bobby helps us break down the episode, tells us why an origin story is important...And waxes poetic about the new Tribe Called Quest album! So press "Play" on your listening device of choice & let the healing begin. From the rubble of Ghengis Connie's to the shores of Seagate Prison, from sea to shining sea...Let's unify & continue moving forward!

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